I specialize in creating and designing specialized gifts.

I have been printing, cutting and designing items for over 8 years.  I work with sublimation, laser engraving, embroidery and vinyl.  I look forward to creating sassy, fun, and memorable gifts for you and your loved ones.

My Why

Family…..  It’s all about family here.  Traveling with my mom as a kid I always loved going to gift shops and seeing a t-shirt display.  You know the ones, the wall of prints with numbers on the corners.  I would sit and stare while designing a t-shirt just for me to remember our trip.

Fast forward 30 some years and I still love the idea but never realized I could actually make shirts myself.  I purchased a craft cutter and a heat press and started dabbling and little by little I was hooked. 

One day while out and about I came across a kitchen towel that said “Get your Fat Pants Ready”  I actually snorted in the store.  I could not resist and had to buy the towel.  When I got home I showed my husband and he immediately said, “why did you buy that”  and I was like, oh no you didn’t!  But he continued and explained that, “ why did you buy that when you can make it”……  and Sassy Towels  was created. 

The Journey

In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Guess what… life is too short not to do what you love so…  I purchased commercial grade equipment and off I went. 

Today Sassy Towels has become & More and has over 1000 designs. I print on everything from magnets and coffee cups to socks and walls.  I also like expanding my skills and now can print with ink or vinyl.  I love the ink option because it allows me to use full color images and will out last vinyl without peeling or feeling. 

My process is simple. I purchase artwork from artists and design sayings I find funny, sassy, or kind.  I work with 1000s of fonts , adjust the layouts, add the artwork, then print or cut and then Press.  I do everything myself, well sometimes, with a little help from my family when needed.  So when you hear me say “it’s my therapy”, it truly is!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my business….  I look forward to working with you.